Integrating with BigQuery and Redshift

Scratch Data now connects to BigQuery and Redshift! You can now stream data into and out of your cloud-hosted analytics databases without Kafka, Kinesis, PubSub, or any of the other complicated data pipeline services.

To get started, all you need to do is enter your connection info.

Add Redshift Connection

From there, you'll be given API keys and code to copy and paste to stream data in.

API Key Generation

As soon as you start streaming data, Scratch will automatically create tables, columns, and even add additional columns as your schema changes. You can go from zero to a working integration in minutes.


If you want to stream data into Redshift without Scratch Data, here is AWS' official guide (944 words.) With BigQuery, you can follow these steps (2,644 words.)



Scratch Data makes it incredibly easy to build applications on top of your warehouse. We promise we can get you running - from scratch - in literally minutes. Why not give it a try?